Badoo review dating app

The international dating site Badoo, with more than 360 million members worldwide, is a social community with flirting potential.


  • Dating site and app for singles from 20-35
  • Registration via Facebook possible
  • Over 360 million users worldwide
  • Costs in the favorable range
  • Nice game ideas
  • Many fake profiles
  • Flirting artificially limited

Badoo in the test 2019

Badoo is a big international dating site where you can meet new people and find new friends or flirting partners. The dating site scores above all because of its uncomplicated usability and its clear, clear design.

The tracker on the start page shows that new members join the community of more than 360 million users every second.


Good alternatives to Badoo are the test winners in the category:

Is Badoo right for you?

Profile and contact

You can also sign up via Facebook and many other social media platforms. If you do not want that, you can simply sign up via e-mail.

Badoo profile

After the rough profile setup you should upload at least one photo, ideally several, of yourself. These are checked for suitability according to the website. If the profile picture is appealing, you hardly need to do anything else as a woman – our mailbox was flooded with dating messages after a few hours.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to fill out the profile and the other information about you, because so you can also see the information of other users, such as where and what they work.

The contact was also very easy and pleasant in our test. The cover letter and chat in the app was not a problem and within a few seconds came back already an answer. It should be so. There are many nice people to find, but you also get messages like “hi na du” that are hardly worth answering.

Badoo message

The response of the male user is very big. Since this was only due to a nice photo without any further information, the depth of the platform is questionable. In fact, Badoo is a pure flirting tool and anyone looking for a serious relationship has no business here. But chatting is really fun and a nice pastime.

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Creative flirting ideas

Both the site and the app have some nice games ready. For example, you can specify in the “hit” game if you would like to get to know the displayed member. If the picture of the other flirtor also agrees with the member who is rated as positive, the page establishes the contact.

Badoo game

Fun is also the possibility to have your own pictures of other members to rate. In order to use this function, however, one must first evaluate some profile pictures of other users. The photo rating is according to our state, however, only on the website and not available in the app.

Flirting artificially limited

Unfortunately, the Flirtmöglichkeiten of Badoo artificially very limited. Almost all important features of the site are limited. For example, you can write a maximum of ten new singles per day with Superpowers.

The hit-and-miss game is also after a while a 24-hour break announced. If you want to write 20 singles more or play 400 times more often the hit-and-miss game, you have to make 100 points loose.

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Many fakes

It is extremely negative to note that many of Badoo’s profiles, especially those of women, turn out to be fakes after a short time.

One notices this, among other things, that the supposedly attractive singles already suggest in the second message, but better to switch to another flirt page, often with dubious URL.


Furthermore (as happened in our test) are told a heartrending, African refugee story. The fakes seem to be a real problem on the page. To make sure you’re dealing with real singles, you should stick to the verified profiles (via Facebook or mobile phone number).

Find out about  Romance Scamming before heading into the trap of Nigeria Connection.

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Points, premium and the subscription trap

Using Badoo is free. However, there are features that are chargeable.


You can earn points by accepting offers from the Badoo advertising partners (eg trial subscriptions for newspapers) or taking part in surveys of the Badoo partners. Of course you can also buy the points easily. For example, for 100 points you can place yourself higher up in the search results or first appear in the mails of other users.

Badoo Premium (formerly Superpowers)

There is also the paid Badoo Premium feature. For example, if you enable them, you can instantly know who you like the “hit” game (see below) or make sure your messages are read before others.

Beware subscription!

But beware! Badoo Premium are subscriptions that you must cancel via iTunes or the Google Play Store! Otherwise, you’ll eventually wonder about permanent debits from your account …

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Badoo App

The free app of Badoo is clearly designed and includes the main features of the site. So you can edit the profile in the app, search for Flirtpartners in the area, play the hit game, write messages or view profile visitors and favorites.

Flirting from everywhere – on the train, at university or on the way to work.


Delete badoo

Deleting membership in Badoo is simple:

  1. Go to your profile and click on the “Settings” button at the top right
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, here you will find in light gray font “delete profile”
  3. Select “Delete profile”
Badoo Delete 3
Badoo Delete
Badoo Delete 2
Badoo Delete 3
Badoo Delete

You will now receive an e-mail. Your dating profile is initially disabled for only 30 days, where you can use the link to restore your profile. After 30 days your profile will be permanently deleted.

field test

Badoo made a very good impression on us the first click through.

Above all, the many features, such as the “hit-and-run game” and the seemingly possible free use, convinced. That’s why our test editors got the “Superpowers” -function fully motivated to start flirting immediately. Unfortunately, disillusionment soon spread: fakes as far as the eye can see.

Chat example and fakes

Editor’s note: (any nice or funny comment)

Badoo Girl: (writes back and without commenting on our comment and then says) “Hey, here are only losers, not you, but many others here are real idiots “


Testredaktion: (again any commentary)

Badoo Girl: “Hey, I’m sorry, I live in Africa and my parents died when I was young, Can you help me?”

Girls who liked us in the direct hit game were constantly deleted as fakes . After a short time, our test editors finally decided to write only verified members.

Write to

We tried  different styles of writing , from simple “hi” to compliments, to attempts to respond to the profile texts, to creative and funny cover letters. It was quite hard to find anything in the almost always extremely skinny profiles that was suitable as a hanger in the covering letter.

Some funny attempts to write down some answers like “Did you fall as a baby on your head?” or a dry “Are you crazy?” (We had written to a girl, whether she would like to spontaneously rob a bank on the weekend and in Italy with the money to start a new life).

Flirt readiness

The flirtation of girls is also rather limited. With ten letters, we received an average of about one answer back. Very annoying is also that there is a daily contact limit for cover letters. After about ten attempts is over, unless you pay 100 points to write again 20 members.

But guys are much more open than girls – as a woman you have a good chance of being flirted with. Whether the opposite one then also likes is another matter.

Costs and prices

Duration / Credits / Coinscosts per monthtotal
100 coins0.03 EUR / Coin3,00 EUR
550 coins0.02 EUR / Coin12,00 EUR
1,250 coins0.02 EUR / Coin25,00 EUR
2,750 coins0.018 EUR / Coin49,00 EUR

Free services

  • profiling
  • search function
  • send messages
  • View photos
  • “Hit game”

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Paid services

  • highlight your own messages
  • Contact new members faster
  • Show profile for all visible at the top of the page
  • contact 20 more members in one day
  • Invisible Mode

payment options

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • paysafecard
  • With the cellphone
  • Sofortuberweisung


Badoo offers a good site, a sensible app and lots of nice gadgets – in principle a successful overall package. The numerous fake profiles on the page and the artificial limitation of the new contacts per day, however, reduce the flirting pleasure considerably.

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