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Christianity is the largest religious community in the world, with more than 2.2 billion followers. Alone in Germany live 57 million Christians – that makes up almost 70% of the total population.

Since you should find a suitable partner, right? Unfortunately it is not that easy.

The problem is that nowadays only a small percentage of Christians are very religious and live according to the principles of the Bible. But if you count your faith as an integral part of your life, you also want to share it with your partner. Here Christian partner relationships offer an ideal platform to meet people whose life center is in a similar degree the love of Jesus.

For now, faith, hope, love, these three remain;

but most of all is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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Which denominations are represented?

The religious currents within Christianity are diverse. Therefore, those who are strictly religious often look for someone who comes from the same community as himself.

A mere distinction between the main denominations of Roman Catholics and the Protestant disseminated in Germany is not sufficient here, especially the Protestant branch is widely branched:

Lutherans, Waldenses, and Methodists are just three of the more than ten major currents that have split even further, depending on the region and history.

For Christian dating sites, you can always specify your denomination when registering. Here are the most common in Germany currents listed, such as

  • Roman Catholic Church,
  • Free evangelical community,
  • Church of the Nazarene,
  • salvation army
  • or the Orthodox Church.

What sets Christian dating markets apart from traditional dating services?

Of course, the users .

In all   online dating agencies  singles are looking for the right partner. But with Christian dating agencies faith is in the foreground: only a devout partner is a worthy partner.

In fact, the question of connections with “infidels” in forums and articles of the providers is much discussed. According to the biblical interpretation, it is clear to some: the partner has to share his own belief in order to be happy with him.

And that is precisely why platforms have been created for these believers:

So that they can find a Christian partner who accepts, understands and lives with them and their faith

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