Dating site Secret review

  • 11,000 new members per week
  • 2 students unpack , a review
  • from the creators of Lovescout24
  • Masks to anonymize the profile pictures
  • Free test of the page at registration (by free starting credit)
  • Credits currency obscures the actual price
  • no subscription, costs in the middle range

Our Secret Test

Real Affair or Thrown Money?

Since 2011,, a platform for casual dating or erotic flirting , where men, women and couples meet, is run by Lovescout24 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of the 850,000 members, 90,000 are active weekly, which is slightly less than at C-date and Lovepoint. is ideal to meet potential sexual partners for an escapade, a partner exchange, an affair or a one-night stand. A paid membership does not exist, but you pay for credits that you redeem on actions such as sending messages. In addition to the men on, the women are also asked to pay, albeit with significantly lower amounts.

Who is logged in here?


850,000 from Germany

members activity

90,000 active weekly

gender distribution



  • High-class contacts: singles, married couples and couples
  • Members of all ages
  • Wanted: erotic adventures and casual relationships
  • slight male surplus
  • something for every sexual taste

What are your chances for erotic adventures?

  • Regular men, women and couples over 18 years looking for like-minded people for intimate games in real life
  • Wanted: one-night-stalls, fetish, sadomaso, affairs, escapades, partner swapping, homosexual contacts, partners for erotic letters / e-mails or sex toys and gang-bang
  • Target group focus is on the needs of women
  • Individual testing of members through customer service avoids fake profiles

Our conclusion: The practical test resulted in a high number of high-quality contacts and dates, in particular we met many academics, workaholics and entrepreneurs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course, not all dates ended right in the bedroom.

Age distribution

registration process

Secret profiling
  • Give information on your own type of erotic
  • many pictures possible
  • Discretion: Anonymization of the profile photo with secret masks
  • Free texts to describe preferences and fantasies possible
  • Duration of registration: about 15 minutes

The registration takes place within a few minutes and is free. After giving the e-mail address and password, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail. After logging in, you can start creating the profile directly: select the account name and erotica type and fill out the personal details and search details (criteria that a potential flirt partner should fulfill).

Specify your own type of erotic

To pre-select when specifying your erotic type are:

  • romantic
  • experiment
  • unrestrained
  • individually

Then you can make the detailed information about erotic wishes via the slider. Within this information, one’s own sexual preferences are divided into categories. Later, these are for members on their profile in the form of playing cards, with the titles “Absolutely”, “would be nice”, “situation-dependent”, “rare”, “taboo”, visible.

Personal information

In the next step, personal information can be made visible for potential profile visits:

  • Basic information: marital status, figure, height, etc.
  • Appearance: Eye color, hair color, hair length, weight, clothing style, body jewelry
  • Lifestyle: education, ethnicity, drinking habits, diet type, language skills, hobbies and interests

Set search criteria

Now you can select the search criteria of potential flirting partners similar to your own data. These criteria are divided into the same categories as the personal information.

Insert profile pictures and write free texts

Users with profile pictures usually receive much more contact requests and flirt offers. On your photo can be masked by one of 6 selectable masks . This looks mysterious and seductive … And besides, it serves your anonymity, so you do not get into the uncomfortable situation of being recognized by work colleagues or friends.

10 more pictures, which are only visible for individually selected contacts, can be uploaded additionally.

With an individual text  under the titles “My special preferences” and “My secret fantasies” you can complete the first impression of your profile for visitors. Many Secret members use the text boxes and focus more on their personality.

These individual details and images will become visible to other members after a couple of hours after being reviewed by a secret agent.

Note: Completing the profile will give women 180 credits and men up to 100 credits for free. A complete profile includes: the creation of the profile picture, the gallery pictures and the personal details of “my special preferences” and “my secret fantasies”.


Secret message
  • personal messages
  • send erotic cards
  • Ask for pictures or share your own pictures with a member
  • every kind of contact is paid with credits, the costs are absolutely justified
  • Live chat available for direct exchange

The possibilities

Through personal messages, erotic cards, image requests and image sharing you can contact quickly. To protect your privacy, the pictures of the flirting partners are only visible if you give them to a member for viewing.

The credits

Through credits it is possible to write interesting members. If you have acquired the right of contact with another member, you can interact with it indefinitely. To visibly express appreciation for your flirt partner, you can send credits to him or her as a gift attached to a message . Read receipts for sent messages are just as little as a free nudge function.

Although women have to spend less credits than men to make contact, it is not for free. Therefore, you can assume that a woman writing to you is more seriously interested in your first impression and that you may soon embark on an erotic adventure.

Below in the test we explain everything about the credits.

The service

You can easily report black sheep and communication boogers directly to the Secret Customer Service, who checks the profile immediately and, if necessary, deletes it.

Our conclusion:  Secret offers a variety of ways to make contact, which are used intensively by the members. Our flirt partners knew what they wanted, but shared this very friendly and sophisticated. If you proceed carefully, you can already make your first appointments in just one day!

profile information

Secret profile woman
  • Key facts at a glance
  • Free texts on preferences and fantasies
  • erotic preferences of the members in the form of playing cards visible
  • very few fake profiles
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • The profile can be changed later

Your profile on consists of a profile photo , next to the most important information on gender, age, search radius, search request and a preview of the photo gallery, two free text fields to special preferences and secret fantasies and 5 playing cards on which the erotic type is summarized ,

The profile photo is not fuzzy, as it is known from other casual dating portals, but provided with a “Secret Mask”. This measure serves the anonymity and looks also seductive to Maskenball.

The playing cards for the erotic type are divided into 5 topics:

  • Absolutely
  • Would be nice
  • Depending on the situation
  • Rare
  • taboos

So you know immediately, on what the member is and whether the other or the other corresponds to your preferences.

Our conclusion: Many authentic profiles are available, so that some real life meetings can arise. In our test it came to very interesting dates. On average, slightly more men than women are registered with Be more interesting than the others, then you still have the edge;)


  • The mobile website has been optimized for iPhone and Android Phone
  • No app available, so you do not hear the following sentence at some point: “Whoa, what is this app?”

Neither for Android Phones nor for iPhones is currently a app available. Discretion is difficult to ensure with an app, and on the couch you can easily use the responsive website, which has been optimized for mobile devices.

We recommend:  Perform the registration on the PC , because there the information about you and your type of erotic as well as to your search can be adjusted more uncomplicated.

field test was able to fully convince in the practical test, here the casual dating platform stands out strongly from the competition. Especially the high rate of answers surprised us very positively and does not correspond to the experiences in other portals. In addition, attracts constantly enough new members. So you can always get to know new contacts from the environment, even if you have been registered there for some time.

Casual dating is fun, but how do I find a sex contact that wants the same as me?

Pay attention to the information in the respective profile of the members and what preferences they have. Question targeted in personal messages, as your sex date concretely introduces a meeting. In the hotelroom? In a bar with a role play?

Which mailing strategies are successful on

Basically it can be said that personally written cover letters arrive well. Your messages should not be too long questions and respond to the other person.

Often it is also good if you do not make a big secret about yourself: Share information about yourself and your preferences with your counterpart.

Tip of the editors to contact:  Secret are no porn stars registered, but normal people. Especially as a man you should not fall into the house with the door and express special wishes such as anal, oral or fetish preferences in the first exchange. This seems rather daunting and can also be discussed later in bed. So keep your profile relatively “normal”.

What should I consider before my first secret meeting?

On an erotic date you can get closer to your casual date already at the first meeting than you might have expected – also very close. For this reason, you should pay attention to a neat appearance and cleanliness. Try to enjoy the sex date. Discuss the borders and respect them.

Design & operation

  • clear and attractive design, as well as intuitive operation
  • Fast loading times and optimized for your smartphone
  • “Live your imagination” is here program: the design of the website is fittingly mysterious and should address especially women
  • Discretion is not just a phrase, but is guaranteed by nickname and secret mask on photos
  • Masks concept runs as an important part of the design on the logo through the entire website down to their own profile pictures – very nice!

Secret costs and prices

Free services

  • Create an individual profile
  • View detailed profile search and profiles
  • Receive and answer messages
  • See profile visitor, create favorite list
  • Automatically free start credit
  • Examination of the members by Secret

Paid services

  • Send messages
  • ?
  • Create an erotic e-card
  • ?
  • Virtual gifts
  • ?
  • Specials like Gold Status, Games, Spotlight
Duration / Credits / Coinscosts per monthtotal
Credit packages?
10,250 credits0.03 EUR / Credit299,90 EUR
4,550 credits0.04 EUR / Credit199,90 EUR
2,550 credits0.06 EUR / Credit149,90 EUR

Is Secret expensive or cheap?

In the price comparison with other providers Secret is in reasonable range .

Try it for free now

payment options

  • transfer
  • Credit card
  • cash deposit

Discretion of payment

  • At Secret you can pay anonymously via cash

Surprised in our test that no subscription must be completed . Thus, as a casual dating user of Secret you do not enter any contractual obligations or risk and do not have to cancel at logoff, but only delete his profile. The secret member buys so-called credits, these represent the currency of the web page.

For every login, women receive 5 credits, as well as 150 credits upon registration or complete profiling (with photos). Therefore, women are usually not able to buy credits, even with relatively frequent use are always sufficient credits available.

Note :  Within 24 hours after registration it is possible to take advantage of a secret offer of 39.00 € for 390 credits (0.10 € / per credit).

Personal Message  (contact another member for free) Costs for women: 9 credits; Men: 29 credits

Flirting at these prices:

  • Gifts in  addition to personal message gifts can be attached (an appreciation of the opposite) costs for women; Men: 19 – 199 credits
  • Erotic card  (online postcard with self-selectable text and a picture) Costs for women: 3 credits; Men: 19 credits
  • Picture requests and gallery releases,  costs for women: 9 credits; Men: 29 credits


Secret magazine for erotic

In addition, offers a special magazine of the platform with tips on eroticism, flirtation and sex.

The specials (additional functions)

The specials can increase the flirting fun and the costs are also very fair. Men and women pay between 0-49 credits for one of the following special features:

  • “Photo Search” – In your search for other members, only show profiles with photos
  • “I’m Favorite of” – Learn instantly if another member saves you as a favorite
  • “Profile Visitors” – Who is hiding behind your profile visitors? Uncover the secret and get insight into all profile information – without anonymization
  • “New Members” – Be the first to know when members re-enroll at Secret to get in touch right away
  • “Bodyguard” – Only messages from members who match the personal search information will be directed to your inbox
  • “Gold Status” – Highlighted profile by gold frame
  • “Who is looking for me?” – Find out who’s looking for your type (age, height, figure, etc.)

Our rating

Logon Process:4,5 / 5
Contact:3.5 / 5
Profile Information:4.0 / 5
Field experience:5.0 / 5

Conclusion of our test editor

No subscription? That’s true! You only pay for services that you actually use. Thanks to the active members, the site is definitely a perfect meeting place to meet like-minded people for erotic adventures.



How good is

The online portal is one of the top portals for erotic contacts and is also very serious. is part of Friendscout24, one of the largest online dating portals in Germany.

What is Casual Dating?

The spectrum ranges from casual dating, from one-time sexual encounters to long-term arrangements outside of a traditional romantic twosome relationship. In this type of date, women and men live out their erotic fantasies.

What is Casual Dating or Casual Date and what does it mean here?

In a casual date, two strangers meet to get intimate or flirt. If one is sympathetic, nothing stands in the way of a meeting in real life. Many Secret-Dates “sniff around” first non-binding in a public place, such as a bar. Then much is allowed, but there is no need.

So casual dating is not a secret sex service?

On, two unknowns meet at a neutral, private level. It is not a portal for prostitution.

What other casual dating portals are there?

In our casual dating comparison,  you’ll find more suggestions for other similar portals, such as

Which spellings for are there?

Secret is often misspelled, such as “friendscout24 secret”, “secert”, “secrer”, “secret e secrte”, “secre”, “secret” or even “secret”.

Since when does exist? was founded in 2011 by Friendscout24.

At what age is it possible to register at

According to the terms and conditions a registration is allowed from 18 years. The offer is therefore aimed exclusively at adults.


Can I pay discreetly on Secret? offers the cash deposit as a discrete payment option. We have put together the  secret costs  for you, there you will also find information about the payment methods.

Why can I use credits at

The credits are credit points. At there are no subscriptions or premium memberships – paid services can only be paid with the virtual currency. This includes:

  • Send messages
  • Create an erotic e-card
  • Virtual gifts
  • Specials like Gold Status, Games, Spotlight

data protection

Is really anonymous?

Yes, and this works like this: Your profile photo can be easily anonymized by masks, the offers as a photo filter, so that the face is largely unrecognizable. In addition, a pseudonym does not allow conclusions about your real name. Contacts are only possible within the page – so your personal data is protected in any case!

Why does use cookies?

Cookies simplify the application for the user: For example, you can save your password so that you do not have to log in each time. The individual settings are taken over across devices across the site, showing only those users who match your requirement profile. Attention: Data can nevertheless be passed on to partners of and third-party providers – as part of the Match Group this includes, for example, the provider Lovescout24.

Did not find your question? Ask us!

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