eDarling full review service

  • mixed audience
  • scientific personality test in cooperation with several universities
  • one of the leading dating agencies in Germany
  • Focus test winner for dating service, customer service and scope of services 2016
  • Profile checks and anonymity protection
  • fewer new members than Parship
  • only premium members can read and send messages
  • Costs in the middle range

Our eDarling review &Test 2019
rip off or real dates?

You are looking for a partner but do not know where to start? Maybe eDarling is just right for you.

Founded in 2008 by Affinitas GmbH, eDarling is successfully operating in over 24 countries. EDarling, one of the leading online dating agencies in Germany, has around 2,600,000 members, of which some 650,000 are active weekly.

The dating agency is less elitist than other dating sites and, in contrast to these platforms to a diverse , civic audience . This open membership composition increases the chance for you to find a partner here.

At eDarling the reputable members , the very good scientific partner suggestions and the fast customer service convinced us . A rip off by eDarling can be ruled out.  

eDarling awarded

Who is logged in here?


2,600,000 from Germany

members activity

650,000 active weekly

gender distribution



  • colorful mixed composition of members
  • many weekly active members
  • balanced gender ratio
  • wanted: long-term relationship
  • demanding and serious members
  • few fakes through accurate profile testing

Your chances of finding a partner on eDarling

  • Target group: a diverse group  of people looking for a long-term relationship
  • Positioning between  Parship  and ElitePartner : there is no elitist limitation on academics
  • You get fewer partner suggestions than on other platforms, but they really suit your personality because of the sophisticated match making . Find your soulmate now!
  • Manual check of all new registrations

In our practical test we did not encounter any fake profiles, the partner profiles convinced us because of their seriousness.

registration process

eDarling profiling
  • Scientific personality test
  • Upload up to 24 photos
  • Checkboxes and free texts for self-presentation
  • Very good protection of anonymity
  • Duration of profiling approx. 40 min

That’s how it’s done:

  • Register for free with your own e-mail address
  • Perform personality test and get test result (also free)
  • Set profile picture or profile information

Scientific personality test

In the scientifically founded personality test, which lasts about 30-45 minutes, about 280 questions are asked, for example about character or leisure activities. Due to the high expenditure of time and because information can not be changed later, the function “Save test & logout” is very useful for later resuming.

The brokerage principle of the eDarling brokerage is that an individual personality profile is created from all answers of the test , in order to then determine suitable partner suggestions on the basis of this profile. The personality test is based on the five-factor model (also called “Big 5”) and is divided into the following 5 dimensions:

  • Conscientiousness (flexible vs. controlled)
  • Compatibility (distanced vs. sympathetic)
  • Openness (down to earth vs. keen to experiment)
  • Extraversion (introverted vs. extroverted)
  • Neuroticism (caught vs. sensitive)

With the free membership you already get an overview of your own personality based on these dimensions, with a Premium PLUS membership you can even download a full PDF. This PDF with explanations of your own personality is not only useful in finding a partner, but also very helpful in many other life situations such as in the workplace, as it explains why in certain situations in a certain way behaves.

Which questions are you asked in the eDarling personality test?

  • “How important is the age of your partner?”
  • “For what three things have happened to you in your life, are you most thankful?”
  • “Everyone has different passions, like art, sports, music, family or faith, what can you get excited about?”

profile design

When looking for a partner on the Internet, the first impression often decides whether the interest of the other person can be aroused. With  up to 24 photos , the eDarling profile offers members plenty of opportunity to present their own chocolate page to other singles. Unfortunately, photos can only be viewed after completing a premium membership. In the profile, it is also possible via checkboxes and  free texts (eg in “About me”) to give the profile visitors a personal impression.

Due to the very good protection of anonymity, the profile can not be found eg by Google etc.

Editors’ tip: In  order for your eDarling profile to be as attractive as possible to other members, you must complete it completely and use the opportunity for self-presentation via free texts. Describe profile features in complete sentences to create a personal impression. Use high-quality profile pictures, pay attention to your spelling and bring your Cahrakter expressed!

Chances of success increase through the eDarling personality test!

  • Query via multiple choice
  • Targeted, high quality partner suggestions
  • Free partner suggestions after the first registration

The eDarling personality test corresponds to the current state of personality psychology. In collaboration with renowned psychologists and relationship researchers, eDarling developed the scientifically sound matching method. The personality test used on eDarling was developed in cooperation with universities such as the University of Groningen (Netherlands) or the Humboldt University Berlin. A mathematical algorithm uses the result of the personality test and the basic demographic data to calculate compatible partners. So eDarling can filter out among the many thousands of members the singles that make you really happy in a relationship.

In addition to basic characteristics such as height, stature, age, religious affiliation and level of education, the test mainly questions personality traits. In addition, the user can define their own search criteria , such as age, size and distance from the place of residence. Every day, as an eDarling member, you will receive your partner suggestions.

When registering for the first time, the member receives about 5-7 suggestions from potential partners. On eDarling, unlike other providers, you do not have to go through hundreds of profiles to find suitable other singles.

Tip for the perfect personality test: Allow enough time for the eDarling personality test and complete the test in peace and thoroughly. Give honest answers and realistic partner criteria (eg not too narrow search radius), otherwise you will be made inappropriate partner suggestions.


eDarling contact
  • Send smiles and photo requests
  • Ask a member 5 selected questions
  • Mark pictures of other users with “like me”
  • As a premium member personally comment on profile details
  • Write and receive personal messages only for premium members
  • Live chat available for direct exchange

The heart of the partner search on eDarling is the list of individual partner suggestions , which you receive after completing the personality test. A search of your own is just as possible with other dating agencies. Make sure you do not narrow your search criteria. Especially in rural areas it can be difficult to find members within a narrow radius. With the “What if” feature , you’ll see 20 members a day away from your partner suggestions. Just take a look outside the box!

You can contact other singles in this way:

  • send a virtual “smile”
  • Send photo request
  • Mark pictures with “like it” as well as comment on hobbies and characteristics
  • Use the Get To Know feature to send other members a list of 5 phrased questions with different answer options
  • As a premium member, you can fully interact with other users and exchange messages

With the free basic membership it is possible to send a smile and five questions. To get in touch with a member, you need the premium membership. As soon as a member returns the contact, you will receive a message in the news box.

Our tip:  Write your own singles on eDarling and increase your chances to find the right partner! Whether male or female, each of you is single and would like to meet someone. So do not be shy and take the initiative to start a conversation. Helpful starting points for initiating a conversation can usually be found in the profile.

What questions do you have to get to know each other?

  • “Which of the following evening designs is the most meaningful to you?”
  • “What do you want to do in the next ten years?”
  • “How do you think about moving to another city because of love?”

In return, your potential flirt partner can also send you five questions before the individual questions can be exchanged in the next step. In our opinion, this innovative introductory tool is particularly well suited for noncommittal conversation without having to search for the right words for a first message.

profile information

partner proposal
  • Hand-tested profiles and profile pictures
  • no fake profiles in the test
  • most important information at a glance
  • well-filled profiles of members
  • Personality profile of other members available
  • Profile pictures in the base membership visible to anyone
  • The profiles are detailed

Premium PLUS members at eDarling have the advantage of being able to search for partners more effectively through a particularly detailed personality profile and to display more partner suggestions per day. Most of the profiles on eDarling are very carefully filled out and you can feel as if you are reading through, the members of the site are indeed interested in a serious partner search. Premium members can not be recognized in advance.

The eDarling profiles consist of …

  • Profile photo: for the protection of discretion initially released for anyone
  • Key personal information such as “age”, “occupation”, “height”, “religion” and “desire for children”
  • detailed information, including on the topics of “leisure”, “enthusiasm for …”, “grateful in life for …” and “favorite activities”
  • a description by friends and yourself

In addition, you can look at the personality profile of the other members and conclude whether your partner proposal is sympathetic. The personality profile is broken down into the categories “Conscientiousness”, “Compatibility”, “Openness”, “Extraversion” and “Neuroticism”.

Our conclusion: We liked the test that all members are listed with their first name. This is much more personal and enjoyable than the identification by cryptic shortcuts. With many free text fields on given topics you can represent yourself particularly well.


  • Send smiles and receive “push notification”
  • Sending and reading messages
  • Receive, view and remove partner suggestions
  • upload photos

With the free eDarling app for Android smartphones (available through the Google Play store) and iPhones or iPads (downloadable in the Apple App Store or via iTunes), it is possible to find the right partner from anywhere with eDarling.

As an already registered eDarling member, you can easily log in to your personal profile. In the menu screen are the most important functions, eg “Edit search criteria”, “Upload photos from your smartphone”, “See partner suggestions” and the different ways to contact, to see at a glance:

Through the so-called “push notification”, one is immediately informed about the contact with partner suggestions. With mutual interest the way to the first message in this way is very short. The eDarling app is worth a try. The various premium membership models are available as in-app purchases.

Registration via app

Registration is possible via the app and takes about 10-15 minutes.

Our tip: Make  sure you log in with the PC ! The operation is easier there, you usually take more time and is more concentrated. Since this is a personality test, which is crucial for matching with other members and thus influences the partner suggestions, we advise against registration via smartphone.

field test

(H., male, 29 years, name of the editor known)

In my work, it was impossible to meet a woman my age. In my free time, I like to play football, not really the perfect place to talk to women. Besides, I do not live in a big city right now. It was never hard for me to talk to women, but the first contact is just not my cup of tea.

I had already signed up for several online dating sites, but disappointingly, the women in fact often looked different then on the profile pictures. Sometimes I had the feeling that I did not get an answer because more men than women were registered. At eDarling I met but then my current girlfriend. It was really worth it. She really understands me without words, she is intelligent, totally positive and has a warm charisma. In my experience, online dating works with the right portal.

(P., Female, 26 years old, name of the editor)

My last relationships all ended in disaster after about nine months each. It never just fit. Slowly I got the thought that I was difficult to communicate and wanted to give up the search for the great love, but finally get to know a real partner and not to experience a failure is important to me.

I went to sports, I went out in bars, did a language course and even took a dance class. In vain I hoped to be addressed. Although I met some interested men, but to be honest: no one really liked me. Mother gave me the idea: “The young people are all on the Internet, just try it”. After the first login a few men were suggested who did not impress me at first. But then with a close look at the profiles, I was totally surprised by the candidates. EDarling made me realize that there were a few men out there with similar interests, sports and hobbies. Every day new suggestions were added.

At first, I was suspicious. Could these men be real? I wrote a few men. Finding a common theme was so easy as there were so many overlaps. The news exchange with the members became longer. After some time, I had 4 members to my favorites. One of them I found incredibly attractive in the pictures, but another wrote sympathetic messages to me. I just could not decide. With these two members I decided to call.

When my phone rang the next day I was totally nervous. But the talks developed as if by themselves. It was always hard for me to find a topic with men, but we talked as if we knew each other years. My fear was gone. I really had the feeling that these men are interested in my personality and not only in my appearance. Shortly thereafter, I had an appointment with both candidates for a first date. I do not know yet, but I am so glad that I tried this site!

Design and operation

  • reasonable and modern design
  • quickly recognizable, clear functions
  • clearly arranged menus
  • simple and intuitive operation allows quick and effective flirting
  • short loading times, even on mobile devices

eDarling costs and prices

Free services

  • Scientifically created personality profile
  • ?
  • Suitable partner suggestions
  • Exchange of smiles, 5 questions and likes
  • ?
  • Receiving messages
  • Upload photos
  • View received contact suggestions
  • Send messages with limited length

Paid services

  • See photos of the other members
  • Communicate without limits
  • List of profile visitors
  • More frequent profile placement with other users
  • ?
  • Mobile App
  • Contact warranty
  • ?
  • Confirmation about read messages
  • Up to 20 additional partner suggestions per day
Duration / Credits / Coinscosts per monthtotal
Premium Trial?
3 months24,90 € / month74,70 €
Premium Classic?
3 months€ 69.90 / month209,70 €
12 months34.90 € / month418,80 €
Premium Lite?
6 months49.90 € / month299.40 €

Is eDarling expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers, eDarling is within reasonable limits .

eDarling prices premium membership

payment options

  • transfer
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Sofortuberweisung
  • App Store

Discretion of payment

  • With eDarling one pays the entire invoice amount in a sum. A monthly payment is therefore not offered.

The costs of a premium membership at eDarling depend on the duration of the contract. In addition, there are often special, cheaper deals.

However, it is completely free to use, so you can try the site for free. Users can create a profile, upload photos and conduct a personality test here for free. Then you get suitable partner suggestions. The contact options are however very limited with the free account.

In order to be able to use all the functions of the partner search and to write contact messages at eDarling, a paid premium membership is necessary. After the free trial, if you like the portal, you can click on “Get Premium Member” in the upper right corner. Profile pictures can not be viewed without a paid membership. In contrast to the two other partner exchanges ElitePartner or Parship, the prices for a premium membership on eDarling are comparatively favorable.

According to the terms and conditions, the “paid membership agreement is extended automatically, unless the customer terminates his contract within the period of notice before the end of the contract period.” This period ends 6 weeks before the end of the agreed contract period.

Our tip: To make sure that you do not forget to cancel your premium membership in good time, you should cancel it immediately after the subscription is over and, if necessary, conclude a new one after the membership expires.

Premium memberships: species


  • 12 months premium membership
  • Communicate without limits
  • View personality profile
  • See all photos
  • View profile visitors
  • Read receipt for news


  • 6 months premium membership
  • Communicate without limits
  • View personality profile


  • 3 months premium membership
  • Communicate without limits
  • View personality profile
  • See all photos
  • View profile visitors
  • Read receipt for news

Contact warranty

With a 6-month membership eDarling guarantees at least 10 contacts with other users, in the context of a 12-month membership even at least 20 contacts. If this promise is not fulfilled, you will receive another full contract period for free.



In the eDarling guide to the in-house magazine of the dating agency, you will find exciting and helpful articles and studies on topics such as “happy relationship”, “family”, “single life”, “sexuality” and “dating”. eDarling is very committed to giving the searchers lots of tips and assistance.

Personal advice

At the Berlin headquarters, you can even seek personal advice on the subject of finding a partner. This service is free but you should make an appointment in advance. So far this service is unique in Berlin.

Top customer service

Through an online contact form you can contact the eDarling customer service. We received a response in our test within 24 hours.

Incidentally, if you have questions or problems with your account, you can also contact customer service by phone or chat.

High fairness

eDarling attaches great importance to transparency and fairness towards its customers. Side fake profiles you will not find here.

TÜV seal received 3 times

In 2010, eDarling received the seal “s @ fer shopping” from TÜV Süd. For example, the security of personal data such as credit card numbers, addresses and entries in the personality test were evaluated for the s @ fer-shopping seal.

In addition, eDarling.de was awarded the TÜV seal for “tested quality, safety and transparency”. The TÜV Süd classified the dating site (edarling.at, edarling.ch, edarling.de) as “highly trustworthy”.

“Focus Money” test winner 4/2015

eDarling is a 3-time winner in 2015’s Focus Money test and has been voted Best Matchmaking for the second time in a row by Focus Money.

Our rating

Logon Process:4.0 / 5
Contact:3.5 / 5
Profile Information:4,5 / 5
App:4.0 / 5
Field experience:4,5 / 5

Conclusion of our test editor

eDarling does not advertise specifically for academics and still has level? This bill works! Due to the diverse audience many singles are available for partner suggestions. The manual examination of all profiles ensures a certain level of partner search. Since academics are not the primary target group, prices are also slightly lower.


Why eDarling and why can you really find the right partner here?

Unlike countless dating sites and dating sites, partnering with eDarling is not left to chance. Many dating portals are mainly about externals, also the users of other sites usually have to independently search the databases for suitable partners.

The service of eDarling, however, is explicitly aimed at singles who want a working, long-term partnership. The scientific matching method allows to present from an ever-increasing number of members targeted those who fit perfectly with the personality.

edarling personality test


How many partner suggestions do you get on eDarling?

After completing registration, you will receive a certain number of partner suggestions (always about 5-7 suggestions). The more regularly you log in to eDarling, the more partner suggestions you get.

How does eDarling help with dating?

Particularly with partner exchanges with matching procedures, the chances of finding a partner for a long-term relationship are relatively high. Since socio-demographic aspects (such as age), as well as other factors (such as children’s desire or religious affiliation) are taken into account, this method already saves a lot of time and also nerves.

How does the eDarling voucher work?

You want to give someone a voucher for eDarling? Write an e-mail to gutschein@edarling.de with name and address. You will then receive an e-mail from eDarling with the account details and the desired amount of the eDarling voucher. Subsequently, the voucher will also be sent by e-mail.

Why does eDarling work so well?

As a reputable dating agency on the Internet, eDarling brings together people who are looking for a lasting, fulfilling relationship. The mediation principle is based on a scientifically sound matching procedure. The personality test and the matching process are used to compare the psychological and socio-demographic data of all members. Subsequently, those members are presented to each other, which fit together optimally.

What does a free membership include?

A free basic membership includes the following:

  • See personality test result
  • Partner suggestions received
  • Smile and send likes
  • upload photos


How can one terminate at eDarling?

It is easy to cancel at eDarling by fax at 030 22 386 739 or e-mail: info@edarling.de. It’s best to add your customer number or e-mail address to the fax number so service agents can match your request.

How can the eDarling account be deleted?

After completing the premium membership, the profile at eDarling will automatically be reset to the status of a free membership. So it is possible to continue logging in without incurring any costs.

The free membership can be unsubscribed. Under “User account” and the menu item “My data” you can delete the free basic account. With the deregistration also the deposited personal data are removed. It is then no longer possible to access the profile.


I am a widow and 58 years old. Can I find a partner at eDarling?

Since you are correct in a dating agency, the chances are very good here!

How can I tell if a user is still active or the last time he was online?

This function does not exist at eDarling. You can only see when a person visited their own profile the last time.

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