Gay Online Dating – Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for a same-sex partner online, there are some tips that will help you to get in touch with them and have a successful first date. We’ll tell you a few here:

  • If you know what you want, then actively search! Almost every page offers a fairly extensive member search. Not only age and place of residence, but also type, inclination and fetish can be searched. You like femmes? Erotic and pleasure is in the foreground with you? Or are you a man who likes to wear suits? Then search for it! 
  • Do not waste time with permanent shadows! Of course you should talk first and see if the chemistry is right. But do not chat with someone you like and do not hold others. Mostly, you personally find out more about the person and the sympathy for each other, than through eternal chat histories.
  • First meet non-binding, in a public place : This applies to all genders, all orientations and inclinations. Even if both are only non-binding, never meet in private. You can never be sure who is on the other side. 
  • Be careful what you give of your price : To check in advance the identity of your counterpart, of course, you can switch from dating platform to social media, but: If the opposite shows his sexuality there freely and openly, consider, rather, if you want to be associated with it.
  • Safety first! Be responsible. For most portals you can enter your HIV status – do it! Test yourself and be transparent with your result. Endanger neither your, nor the health of others and have risk-free fun! Be it casual sex or a romantic evening with your new better half. 

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