Heart booker review and test

  • high number of members
  • friendly community, good communication
  • Partner suggestions that fit well with your own interests
  • no app for mobile use available
  • detailed personality test after registration

Heartbooker in the test

Behind Heartbooker is an experienced team, which has been actively engaged in dating services since 2003. The concept consists of a supported placement, the contact is possible only to partner suggestions. It is important to Heartbooker that people presented to each other fit well together. Before the website is even usable, therefore, a personality test must be completed.

Heartbooker acts as a reputable and experienced dating agency. Already in 2003 the website was founded, since then more than one million members have gathered on the portal. Not all users are active on a regular basis, but the chances of getting in touch are good.

Characteristic of the portal is that it is here specifically sought after a partnership, not for lapidary adventures. The target group is clearly stated, people over 30 should get the opportunity to look for a partner for life on this platform. Unsuitable is the website for far younger people, only from 27 is the registration at all possible.

The unusual age structure is the reason why the creators of Heartbooker emphasize the increasing seriousness of partnerships in people over 30. To enable lasting and long-term relationships, younger people are excluded from the concept.

The makers themselves call their platform the largest of its kind. Regarding the age focus, the statement is correct, as hardly any other dating agency categorically excludes people under 30 from mediation. This procedure ensures that more seriousness actually prevails among the members.

The activity of the members:

Every day, Heartbooker users receive a limited number of partner suggestions. For all of these, contacting Kontaktpass is possible. Since the choice of partner suggestions is based on the personality test but not on the activity of the members, the response rate is sometimes modest. Not every mail sent is answered, according to experience, it was just ten percent that have caused a reaction.

The communication is limited, as there are only a few, but well-fitting partner suggestions. It is advisable to contact them with well-thought-out messages, simple oneliner will not arrive well and usually will wait for a response.

Registration and profiling

Heartbooker registration

Registration takes place via the Heartbooker website and takes at least half an hour. The reason for this is that the personality test has to be carried out first. Here are several questions to answer, all of which are selectable by mouse click. In order to get as reliable a result as possible of one’s own personality, the answers should be given truthfully.

The profiling itself takes time again. Value is placed on free texts in order to bring as much meaningfulness into the individual profile. In addition to the individual profile text, questions about a potential partnership can be answered. Which questions are selected can be selected in the main menu of your own profile.

Contact to other users

Heartbooker News

There are three ways to contact other users. Classic is the message that can be sent to all contact suggestions. However, in order to attract the attention of the other person, it is also possible to send a virtual flower or a compliment.

Unfortunately, no personal text can be added to such a gift, so that the shipping is quite monotonous.

The features of Heartbooker

The functionality of Heartbooker is not very strong. In fact, the main interest of the operators here is to bring women and men together in search of a partnership. The aim should be for a potential couple to get to know each other via the platform and then transfer this knowledge to real life as soon as possible. Pure online enjoyment only plays a minor role in Heartbookers. In addition to sending flowers and compliments, there are no other introductory games that could help you to find a partner.

Design, functionality and usability

Heartbooker profile

Heartbooker presents itself in a simple, green design and thus already looks reputable. The usability is conceivably simple, already the personality test can be completed thanks to the selection menu with the mouse in a short time. The profiles of other users are sympathetic and provide much information.

The design looks classically simple, not very modern and not outstanding. The variety of functions is limited, which, however, directs the focus on the actual dating service. Distraction through online games and other gimmicks falls away at Heartbookers.

Is there a Heartbookers app?

The portal does not offer an app for download, but can still be reached via the smartphone. For this, it is sufficient to install a mobile browser and an internet connection on the smartphone. With the login data, the user can then log in to Heartbooker from their smartphone.

Special information about the dating portal

  • The portal attaches importance to serious dating
  • Users must be at least 27 years old when registering
  • few, but well fitting partner suggestions are made
  • Almost every day there are new partner suggestions
  • the desired results can be influenced by changing the search criteria

Personal recommendation

We will provide you with a free, personal recommendation

Costs and prices

Duration / Credits / Coinscosts per monthtotal
Premium membership
1 month49.90 euros / month49.90 euros
3 months9,97 Euro / month29.90 euros
6 months3,32 Euro / month19.90 euros

Free services

  • Registration and execution of the personality test
  • view your own partner suggestions
  • edit your own search criteria

Paid services

  • Send and receive messages
  • Send flower greetings to other members
  • View profiles without obfuscation

payment options

  • Credit card

The paid membership to Heartbooker can be booked for different periods. An automatic renewal will take place if not canceled in time for the end of the previous term. When booking the six-month passport, Heartbooker will provide a contact guarantee. This means that at least five bilateral contacts are guaranteed within this period. If, contrary to expectations, no contact can be established, membership will be extended for a further six months free of charge.

Men and women pay the same rate at Heartbooker, there are no gender differences. Payment at Heartbooker is only possible by credit card, so the option of anonymous payment is only partially given. In order to pay anonymously, the purchase of a prepaid credit card is advisable. This can be purchased up to a value of 100 euros at gas stations and other outlets. Since prepaid credit cards are not personal, an anonymous payment is thus indirectly possible.


Heartbooker is an established dating agency that has been making a name for itself since 2003. The number of members is neat at 1.5 million, although higher publicity could be a concern for membership growth. If you’re serious about partnering, signing up with Heartbooker is the first step in the right direction.


How does the registration work?

Logging in to Heartbooker is entertaining and possible directly from the main page of the portal. In order to receive your own partner suggestions, the performance of the personality test is required.

Do I have to upload a photo?

Uploading your own photo is not mandatory, but increases the chances of getting in touch. After completing the personality test it is advised to upload an image. On request, this step can also be skipped.

How do I recognize the progress of the personality test?

While editing the Personality Test, a percentage is shown at the top of the screen that indicates the progress of the performance.

Can I influence my partner suggestions?

Each user has the opportunity to influence his partner suggestions by changing the criteria. However, it can take up to 24 hours to find new partner suggestions for the search criteria you entered.

How can I view photos of other users?

As a basic member, there is no way to view the photos of other users uncensored. Premium members, on the other hand, can directly view the profile photo during a profile visit.

How is your own profile deleted?

In order to completely delete your own heartbooker profile, you need to navigate to your own main menu. Here you will find the section Membership Administration, where in turn an online button for the profile deletion is found.

How can I cancel my contact pass?

A booked passport can be canceled at any time up to seven days before the end of the term. For this it is only necessary to send an e-mail or a letter to the provider. Also a telephone termination is offered by the operator.

What happens if I forget the cancellation?

If not canceled in time seven days before the end of the period, the membership is renewed for the previous period.

How can I cancel at Heartbooker?

Termination at Heartbooker may be in writing or by telephone.

Is Heartbooker promising or not?

For singles over 30 with some patience, Heartbooker is a great way to find the love of their lives. Serious interest is required for the concept to work

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