Lovoo dating site review

Lovoo in the test 2019

Lovoo is one of many dating apps and a modern dating site with a predominantly young audience and a clear focus on flirting with the associated app.

The portal has been a lot of criticism in recent years: after a legal dispute in 2016 in which the portal was accused of using fakes to trick users into in-app purchases, a massive vulnerability has recently been uncovered that leaves unencrypted personal information to third party providers. Meanwhile, this bug has been fixed and you can flirt carefree in the Lovoo community. But if you want to play it safe, you better look  around here.

But you can also give yourself an impression – with the free trial VIP membershipat Lovoo! Test all functions as a VIP for 24 hours and see for yourself if you like Lovoo. Please use the following exclusive coupon code: 4CS-GSC4-8CW

Who is logged in here?


2,100,000 from Germany

members activity

1,500,000 active weekly

gender distribution



  • many active members in Germany
  • many young people logged in
  • significantly more men than women

Lovoo members are between 18 and 35 years old. The app has more male than female users. At Lovoo you can find new friends, a new love or a date in the area.

registration process

Lovoo login
  • Registration also possible via Facebook
  • Specifying interests by ticking
  • Duration of registration: 4 min.
  • Take photos directly with the phone

Signing up is done quickly, only the username, date of birth, e-mail address and password are required. Registration is not only possible via Facebook and Google +, but also by e-mail, for those who, for privacy reasons, do not want to link their social media accounts.

Creating the profile is quick and easy with a short profile about looks, hobbies and interests. Photos can be easily taken directly with the phone, upload from their own Facebook account or from their own Instagram gallery in the Lovoo profile.


Lovoo radar
  • Contact via Radar, Match & Chat, Environment List and Notification Center
  • Free contact fails due to full mailboxes of members
  • Writing messages is free for all members
  • Live chat available for direct exchange

To contact us, a registration as “VIP” is recommended. Otherwise, the flirting fun with messages like “Susi87 has too many unread messages” is over quickly. In our test without a “VIP” application, only one out of about eight attempts made a first contact via message. In all other cases, the contact failed due to the indication of an over-full postbox connected with the request to invest coins (see below), so that the woman still gets the message.

“Flirt Match” feature

A funny idea on the site and in the app is the so-called “Flirtmatch” feature. You get pictures and the slogan of different members and you can choose if you like them or not. The corresponding member gets a message, if it pleases and can then also decide whether it has interest. Interestingly, we found the slogan of an attractive young lady: “Karma is like 69 – you get what you give.”


  • area search
  • Selection of the age

The search for interesting singles and the potential next flirting works quite well. By choosing the number of kilometers, you can search specifically for singles in the vicinity or in the wider area. The search is independent of your own location, that means while you are in Berlin you can have singles from Paris proposed. Otherwise, Lovoo offers just a few more search options, such as, age and gender filtering. Not very comfortable but adequate.


With the radar you can see who is in your area. A good feature for a spontaneous meeting and avoiding long-distance relationships, rather impractical when you’re at work and your colleagues see that you’re logged in …

notification Center

Here you can upload your own images and receive notifications, much like a mailbox.

profile information

Profile at Lovoo
  • Some dubious profiles in the field test
  • 1 free text is possible
  • Space for big photos
  • The profiles are mediocre in detail
  • The profile can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to all users for free

The personal “profile”, as calls Lovoo the profile visitors displayed information about their own personality, contains information on residence, relationship status, appearance, occupation, housing situation, marital status, smoking behavior and education. This information does not have to be specified and can still be changed at a later date.


Lovoo offers, according to the unanimous opinion of our test editors, the currently best app for mobile flirting with the smartphone. The app provides all the essential features of the site such as search, flirt match and chat. In addition, she has the innovative “Flirtradar” with which you can see which Lovoo members are currently in the vicinity.

field test

The modern operation, as well as the beautiful design are not quite the suspicion of many fake profiles, the full mailboxes and the few answers to our messages. The profiles of the members have addressed us through many, big photos. We were also able to follow profile news with one click, as in a social network. However, only a first contact by message to a member succeeded in our test without “VIP” registration. In the other eight cases, the contact failed with the reference to an overflowing mailbox of the member. If you invest in a “VIP” membership, a successful flirting is possible on the Lovoo app and page. On annoying advertisement one can escape by the “VIP” -membership.

Design and operation

Lovoo convinces with a modern design in fresh colors. The website of Lovoo is quite clear and the app is very well done.

Partner Exchange Lovoo?

Surely you’ve heard a story from friends: XY and YZ have a date and now they are a couple!

What sure sometimes works should not be accepted as the rule. Lovoo is primarily a dating app that connects people who are looking for a quick fun or non-binding new dating.

Are you looking for true love? Try  dating partnerships . Here are mainly people with serious intentions.

Lovoo costs and prices

Free services

  • profiling
  • Search functions
  • Write messages
  • View photos

Paid services

  • My messages are highlighted
  • Send messages even with the flirt partner’s full mailbox
  • Profile photo is highlighted in all lists
  • Ad-free use
  • Ghost mode
  • See who viewed or liked your profile
Duration / Credits / Coinscosts per monthtotal
Premium Membership over 28 (App)
1 month19,99 EUR / month19,99 EUR
3 months13.00 EUR / month38,99 EUR
12 months10,00 EUR / month120,00 EUR
Premium Membership under 28 (App)
1 month12,99 EUR / month12,99 EUR
3 months8,33 EUR / month24,99 EUR
12 months5,83 EUR / month69.96 EUR
Premium Membership (Desktop)
1 month7,99 EUR / month7,99 EUR
3 months6,66 EUR / month19,99 EUR
6 months5,00 EUR / month29,99 EUR
12 months3,75 EUR / month45,00 EUR
Credits for individual actions
300 credits0.010 EUR / Credit2,99 EUR
550 credits0.009 EUR / Credit4,99 EUR
2,500 credits0.006 EUR / Credit14,99 EUR
8,000 credits0.004 EUR / Credit29,99 EUR
Lovoo Desktop prices

payment options

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • App Store

The use of Lovoo is basically free. However, there is a “Coin” payment system and as our male tester soon discovered, reasonable use of the site without sufficient “coins” or “paid” membership is not possible.

Special tip from us: After logging in, you should compare the prices of desktop version and in the app, as these can vary.


Lovoo radar

The Lovoo Live Radar offers the smartphone-affine target group an interesting function for on the way. Activate the radar to find nearby singles and date. Through the GPS radar, the Facebook service and the push messages Lovoo singles in your area, filters out all the interesting singles and gives targeted partner suggestions.

“Follow” feature

With one click in the profile of an interesting member on the button “+ Follow” it is possible to follow this SIngle, ie news and pictures of the member are displayed on your start page. The feature is reminiscent of Instagram and gives Lovoo a sense of community.

Live video function

Lovoo’s live video feature helps you gauge the genuineness of your swarm profile pictures. Catfishing can be avoided and you get a real and authentic insight into the life of the Lovoo user. How it works? Quite simply: every Lovoo user can create live videos of himself and his experiences and thus tell more about himself. For example, you can film your favorite artist’s concert visit to convince your dream partner of your musical taste. With the LOVOO Live feature, you can then get into direct contact with your live video viewers and share them – all in real time, of course. Getting to know a potential partner via live videos is supposed to avoid eternal back and forth

Tip: The live chat feature is not just a form of modern dating, you can even earn money with it. As a streamer, you can get virtual gifts from your viewers in the form of diamonds, which you can turn into credits to cash out cashes.

Our rating

Logon Process:3.0 / 5
Contact:3.0 / 5
Profile Information:1.0 / 5
App:5.0 / 5
Field experience:2.0 / 5

Conclusion of our test editor

The Lovoo app and site are very mature and have many interesting features. The use of the app is actually fun. Unfortunately, our readers are increasingly reporting fake profiles.


Is it possible to flirt and data normally via a stationary PC?

Yes, you can use Lovoo not only from smartphones and tablets, but also from a PC or laptop. All you have to do is go to the Lovoo website, then you can try it! Good luck flirting!

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