Mamba review and test The right way to date with Eastern European flair?


  • Basic functions for free
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • high number of users from Eastern Europe
  • Profile verification mandatory for use
  • App available for iOS and Android
  • bad translation of the page
  • hardly German-speaking members
  • technical problems with the registration
  • some payment options only available in Russia tested in March 2019 has been in existence since 2003 and is operated by Wamba. In many countries, the service also appears under the name “Wamba” because the original domain was already taken. The operator’s portfolio also includes the Teamo, Tourbar and Astrostar platforms.

On the web, we found a lot of comments about this dating site, which were not too positive. Among other things, they talked about “rip-off” and disappointment that as a non-Russian you have no chance to meet a lady in real life.

Is there something to these statements? – We clarify this in our extensive review.


Mamba Landing Page
  • hardly necessary basic data
  • Registration with a variety of services possible
  • mandatory verification via Facebook, vKontakte or mobile number

There are many ways to create a profile on mamba: In addition to the direct login on the page, you can also Facebook, Google+, Yahoo! and use vkontakte for registration. Do not worry: According to its own statement, the operator posts nothing in your social media profiles.

If required, you will be asked for your first name, your e-mail address, your gender and your place of residence when registering directly on the page. The rest of the information you can add later.

The new registration has to be confirmed twice. On the one hand by a confirmation link in the e-mail (Attention! With us this has landed in the Spam folder.) And on the other hand by linking with your Facebook or vKontake account or via mobile phone number. Unfortunately, only the latter has worked for us. For the other two options, we repeatedly received error messages. You will receive your changeable password in the SMS, which will be sent for confirmation.


Mamba Create Profile
  • VIP users can optically personalize their profile
  • extensive information possible
  • Photos can be organized in self-made albums
  • Questionnaire with free text fields can be filled out does not require many mandatory information. However, the more open you are, the more you can tell about yourself: both the “standard” details, such as height and weight, as well as sexual preferences are at the start. Unusually, we found additional information about finances: it is possible, among other things, to state that you are looking for a “sponsor”.

A plus point for the portal is the extensive “self-portrait” section, in which you can answer 25 questions in a free-text field. Examples include: “What is the greatest happiness for you?”, “How long can you stand it alone without entertainment?” Or even “What do you think of the term dream job?”.

In addition, there is the possibility to equip your profile with “interests”. Here you can choose from given topics (eg sports, travel and leisure, religion / world …) terms that are displayed publicly.

Your photos – from which you can upload unlimited – you organize in freely namable albums. For uploading, however, they must have a resolution of at least 600 x 600 pixels.

You can change your profile at any time or add information.


Mamba Search
  • mainly men and women from Eastern Europe
  • altogether more than 32 million profiles many users online
  • many users online
  • few fake profiles through verification

At there are always enough users online – on average over 50,000 pieces. Also outside of Russia you will find enough active users in the region.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in Russian communicate – including people who do not live directly in Russia. If you do not speak the language, it looks bad with the agreement of a meeting …

It seems that a few fakes are floating around on the platform. The typical “glossy pictures” are indeed occasionally represented, but represent the minority.

The main target group of the dating portal are Russian men and women of all ages who are looking for relationships, sex or even a marriage.

profile quality

Mamba profiles
  • well filled profiles with many photos
  • Verification at login seems to work
  • Display of the distance possible
  • Blocking only possible for VIP users

As part of our test, we have found a variety of extensive filled profiles. Even if the text components were predominantly Russian: The photos and information provided a good, first impression of the counterpart.

The fake density is likely to be close to the average of the larger dating portals. Although typical “porn model” photos were available, they were in the minority.

An interesting feature we have also identified in foreign profiles: It is the percentage of answered messages indicated – an indication of how ready the lady of choice.

The profile also allows VIP subscribers to add users as favorites. Negatively, we find that only VIP users can block unfriendly contacts.

establish contact

Mamba Message
  • Basic search for free
  • free and unlimited sending of messages
  • non-binding contact via “Zuzwinkern” (only VIP membership)
  • “Compliments” can be shipped against internal currency

The default search (includes gender, age range, region / distance) is free. If you want to search for all information in the profile, you can not get around a VIP membership. But here is the filtering on optical aspects and sexual preferences on board.

The easiest way to get in touch is to send a message. Top: This is also possible in the standard membership for free and unlimited. For shy people, however, it will be expensive: Sending “compliments”, which can be compared to “gifts” on other platforms, is calculated for € 1.00 to € 50.00 (in the form of coins). The “wink” is only available to VIP members.

Under the menu item “Meeting” is a typical hot-or-not voting. Here you can rate the preview image of ladies of your search grid. In a “heart” VIP users are informed about the voting. There is also the possibility to host live streams and watch streamers. You can find more about this under the review section “Special Features”.


  • erroneous registration
  • bad translation
  • Android and iOS app available
  • no help section
  • mobile website usable

The website of is well usable, despite poor translation and misleading menu item naming. The loading times are ok. For questions there is no separate help section, but quick contact to support via message.

The official app can be found both for Android in the Google Playstore, as well as for iOS in the Apple App Store. The download is free for both variants. The advantage of both versions compared to the desktop variant is the possibility to participate in the live stream function.

Special Features

Live Stream

Mamba live stream

With this app-only feature, you can either join user streams or start a stream yourself. These transfers have no sexual component. A great feature to make first contacts.

Question answer

Mamba question answer

Here you can ask general questions to the community. These can be answered, liked and shared on social networks.

To meet

Under the menu item “Meetings” you will find a hot-or-not-like photo ad. You can “skip” photos of other users or mark them as “Like”. VIP users can also go back and change their vote. Likewise, only users with paid accounts will be informed about the Like. If you run out of users, you can get more photos by using coins.

Mamba meeting in practice test

  • misleading translations
  • clear, optical structure of the portal
  • Knowing the Russian to successful dates is mandatory

After the bumpy registration we found our way around quickly. The site is visually appealing and relatively simple. Negatively we found the poor quality of the translations and the general localization. The texts – including important ones such as the terms and conditions or payment methods – cloud the actually good impression immensely. It seems like you have “hunted” everything through the Google Translator and saved yourself a professional translator …

In a short time we received occasional reactions from other users. However, this was limited to photo-likes and a message in Russian, which we could not answer due to a lack of language skills. Another user contacted us in broken German. Basically, we do not rule out the possibility of real meetings, but as a non-Russian you have bad cards.

There is a lot of activity in the “question – answers” section. However, the language barrier prevents an assessment of the content of the postings there.

Personal recommendation

Which dating site is right for you?

We will provide you with a free, personal recommendation

Costs and prices

Duration / Credits / Coinscosts per monthtotal
VIP Membership
1 week€ 5.00 / week5,00 €
1 month10.00 € / month10,00 €
3 months6,67 € / month20,00 €
Mamba costs

Free services

  • profiling
  • Send messages
  • Standard search
  • Live streams

Paid services

  • Advanced Search
  • Highlight the profile
  • individual profile design
  • Use sticker in chat
  • Send gifts
  • Profile highlighting
  • “Invisibility Mode”

payment options

  • Credit card
  • paysafecard

Mamba works with both a subscription model and the internal coin currency.

The VIP membership is available with three different terms and renews automatically after the expiration of the purchased period. To terminate this must be terminated within a period. However, the document describing the modalities is extremely poorly translated. We could not determine the exact period of notice, but suspect – without guarantee – the chosen term as a notice period. Therefore, we advise you to test the subscription immediately after graduation to cancel. This works either by sending an e-mail to (which must be the address used when registering!) Or by clicking on “Do not upgrade” in the subscription management.

The internal currency is purchased on demand and is not automatically rebooked. The purpose of the coins is to send gifts to other users (1-50 coins) or to position your profile in the prominently placed user bar at the top of the screen. This should generate more attention.

A payment via SMS (Micropayment) and the payment service Yandex seems to be possible only for Russian users. In this country you can use credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and MNP), as well as PayPal. Also in this example, the bad translation is visible: By “bank card” is meant here “credit card”. EC direct debit or bank transfer are not available. Anonymous payment options such as the Paysafe Card are not offered.


Now the question arises whether the criticism on various portals and in the app stores have confirmed? Our answer: Yes.

The allegations that the operator would rip-off, we do not share. It is possible to extensively test all relevant functions for establishing contact for free. Really necessary, the VIP membership is not anyway. Unless you cancel subscriptions immediately after graduation, you’re also on the safe side. The uses of the – admittedly rather overpriced – coins are mainly limited to gadgets that are essential.

The other claim has unfortunately come true – as a non-Russian man, it is very difficult to make contacts. On the one hand, a large number of German profiles are written in Russian, on the other hand, many ladies are explicitly looking for “Russian men”.

If you are fluent in Russian or even from Russia, Mamba is a good place for friendship, dating, relationship or even marriage. For all others, we recommend a look at our test winners in the category single dating sites .


What is

Mamba is a dating site that – although available worldwide – is primarily aimed at men and women from Eastern Europe.

Is there in German?

Mamba is available in German as well as many other languages. These include: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Thai, Greek, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese.

What are the costs of

Costs can arise in two different ways: The VIP membership, which – depending on the selected term – between € 5.00 and € 20.00 total and the acquisition of the internal currency. 1 Coin currently equals 1.00 € and is not linked to a subscription model.

How many users does have?

Mamba has more than 32 million profiles according to its own specifications. Wikipedia speaks of 25 million active profiles. On average, over 50,000 users are online at the same time.

Where can I download the app for

You can download the app in the official app stores of Google and Apple. The download is free. From the download on other platforms, we advise against, as these viruses could include.

How can I cancel

You can cancel the VIP subscription in two different ways: Either send an email to or click on “Do not upgrade” in your subscription management. For the first you must necessarily send the mail via the address used for registration.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, you click in the desktop version on Profile -> General -> Remove profile. Here you also have the option to exclude this only from the search or to move to Teamo. Teamo is another dating service operated by Wamba.

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