The best dating agencies Eastern Europe in comparison

What are dating agencies Eastern Europe?

You already know dating services like  Interfriendship and PolishHarmony from TV. Here the dream woman in Eastern Europe was searched successfully.

The platforms are much cheaper alternatives to holistic marriage agencies, which still exist.

The offer is varied and makes men’s hearts beat faster!

The users: Eastern European women and Western European men

The principle is simple and well-known. A man from the Western world is looking for a woman in the Eastern world. Or is it the other way around? The numbers speak for themselves: the competition is not too big for German men, for example, while the proportion of women in almost all agencies is enormous . The need to move Eastern European women westwards is therefore more urgent than the other way around.

The women are usually from:

  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan

The men mostly live in:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • EU countries such as the UK, the Netherlands or Austria
  • USA, Canada, Australia

Not infrequently, the Eastern European ladies already live in a western country.

Western and Eastern European women: their expectations of you

German womenEastern European women
Your appearance
very wellTop model, trainedgroomedwell dressed
Your job
successful, educatedCareer in focusyou can take good care of your family
Your behavior towards her
you see her as a womanyou are feministyou help in the householdyou are a gentlemanyou are a providershe takes care of that for you

The German woman is very emancipated and strives extremely for the equality of the sexes in all life situations.

The Eastern European woman is more traditional, wants to be well treated and give the same back.

The differences to dating agencies Germany

German dating agencies have much to offer, but some Eastern European negotiations can keep up! Here are the main features:

  • Of course, there are no German women registered, but all the more Eastern European!
  • the proportion of women is much higher, usually a distribution of 70% to 30%. In the German dating agencies, it is usually fityfifty or more of a men’s surplus
  • The ladies are very attractive throughout
  • you should  count on language barriers and cultural differences ! We have put together some small help so that you know what to look for among the  Russian ,  Ukrainian ,  Romanian , Czech and  Polish beauties!
  • the goal is almost always a firm partnership with marriage
  • You should be ready to take on greater circumstances to meet your lady of hearts live . Most of the time, there are thousands of kilometers, authorities and travel bookings between you
  • LoveScamming is a problem, which however largely wiped out our test  winners Interfriendship , PolishHarmony and Eastloveswest

The costs

For almost all partner agencies in Eastern Europe, the costs are in the upper midfield.

Additional costs

One thing you should be aware: without a certain income, you will not get far here! Not the mediation itself is the highest cost factor but the initial introductory phase. The women come from countries where their income is kept to a minimum due to the economic situation. Without your financial contribution it will be difficult with great love.

  • In many countries you need a visa – or the lady when she visits you
  • You have to pay travel expenses , flights and hotels in the home of your lady of the heart
  • Language courses are useful after a while

One thing the traditional Eastern European ladies have in common: the man always pays. Especially on the first date you should set yourself at the expense of restaurant, taxi and a present

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